Financial Preparation for Millennials

Financial Strategies for Millennials

The struggle is real.  Many millennials have had a hard time getting a good paying job after graduation from college or  university.  You may be dealing with student loans, or other everyday living expenses that have become debt.  Plus, you are working at an entry level wage, making it difficult to live the lifestyle you may be accustomed to or the way you wish to live. It is never too early to speak to a financial advisor to discuss the best way to plan for success in your financial future. You may be surprised the options that are available to you and the golden nuggets of encouraging advice that will stick with you for life.

Few Millenials Have a Savings Account or Plan.   Are you part of the majority or will you be one of the few busy young professionals to have a plan?  Check out the short video below with some bits of advice on how to be intentional saving money.  

Don Carey is an independent financial advisor for the generations.  He may have handled your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather’s financial matters or estates.  You may have no connection to him at all.  But seeking out someone you trust to discuss your financial well being is always worth the minimal investment. 

After an initial consultation, Don has systems in place so that all of your meetings, discussions, transactions and documents can be handled online.

If you are ready to start a lifelong commitment to saving and your financial well being, why not reach out to Don to see if he can help.

What do you have to lose?  Nothing … and you have much to gain.

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