How Much Do I Need to Retire With the Lifestyle I Want?

Planning during the Pre-Retirement phase of life is crucial. You want to be able to enjoy your retirement and know that you have financial peace and security.

Many empty-nesters have great cash flow, but often wonder if they have enough income to provide for their retirement.

Don Carey helps clients in the pre-retirement phase by considering the following topics and preparing a wealth management plan that supports your lifestyle:

  • What are your retirement goals? How much money is needed to retire? 
  • Debt reduction is paramount at this stage of life. 
  • What is your wealth management plan and how can it be adjusted to work for you even better? 
  • Accessing your risk tolerance is needed, while establishing time horizons and to determine plans suitable for your retirement goals.
  • Estimating expenses is key to match against your after-tax returns and income.  
  • How can you preserve capital?
PreRetirement Couple planning with Don Carey Financial services Sarnia Ontario

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