It's about much more than the money...

Retirement can be a significant adjustment for many people and there’s a lot to think about when it comes to your finances. Don Carey is here to help you navigate this next phase of your life, which can present many challenges, if not properly thought through. 

Don can help you plan your financial freedom, by considering the following topics: 

  • Downsizing: Are you wondering about downsizing? Many people choose to downsize to a smaller home or condo, which can impact finances.  
  • Retirement Income: Do you have a retirement plan for layering, income splitting and the preservation of capital? 
  • Budgeting: With more time, many retirees choose to fill their days with travel, sightseeing, shopping, hobbies and sports. How will your active lifestyle affect your finances? 
  • Investment Optimizing: Do you have a plan that draws from your investments and ensures cash flow so that you can maintain your current lifestyle? Don can help you with investment risks, objectives and time horizons.
  • Estate Planning: Do you have an estate plan? Ensure that you are setting your loved ones up for peace of mind and financial clarity. 
  • Health: As individuals age, there can be various health issues that require additional care. Do you have a plan for long term care, assisted living or for a nursing home?

Contact Don Carey Financial today to create a custom wealth management plan for your retirement.